Feedback from our favorite customers

Alex has sold 2 of my cars for me. He was very professional, honest, and knowledgeable about how to get my car sold fast. He told me upfront how much his selling fee was, and got me my portion of the money as soon as my car sold. I would definitely recommend AB Cars if you are looking to sell or buy your pre-owned car fast!

I had a great experience leasing from AB Cars. The customer service was friendly and efficient. I deal with Alex and he provided the necessary info that I requested in order to make a well-informed decision. I purchased 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid! Will definitely recommend AB Cars to friends.

I'd been searching for an older Toyota Prius.  I found it at Used Cars Los Angeles!  It was well taken care of and very clean.  Low mileage! The price was good!  Alex is a good guy!  Very honest and easy going.  He cares about his buyers!


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